Property Services

property services

In addition to selling our Stilt Studio units, we are here to help you realize all your architectural dreams with our property services, as a vertically-integrated prop-tech company.


All of the services below can be purchased together as an end-to-end solution.

our services

Property Development

In addition to designing and installing individual studios, we offer bespoke architectural design services for your project, including common property areas (pool, yoga shala, etc).

Management & Profit-Share

In addition to selling our structures, we are open to profit-sharing agreements with landowners to potentially operate and manage Stilt Studios on their behalf, subject to the location.


We can assist you in investment and legal advice to navigate the Indonesian real estate and property particularities. This includes questions regarding local tax and company setups, as well as the repatriation of your profits. We are supported by the law firm ANC Attorneys at Law.

use cases

The ideal use case for Stilt Studios is to preserve the natural resources and beauty of your land, while still providing an architecturally-breathtaking structure for living light.

But it could also be for…


Stilt Studios require minimal ground surface for their foundation (usually only 2×2 meters). Given this, our studios can be set up on plots of land as small as 1 are, making them ideal to complement an existing property. 


Stilt Studios can be quickly assembled, as well as dismantled, creating business agility. This makes them ideal for landowners with short-lease agreements, or for those who are landbanking but still aim to increase the value of their property during the wait. Once the lease ends or the land is sold, the Stilt Studios can be easily removed from the property without leaving a trace behind. 


Stilt Studios are great for commercial use as their elevated height creates enviable vistas in crowded and busy tourist areas. A successful example of this is Stilt Spa located in Canggu, Bali. This can also be applied to residential and tourism uses. 

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