Tetra Pod

Tetra pod

The Tetra Pod is a 64sqm home with all living amenities elevated 40cm off the ground, built from wood, steel, glass, and recycled materials. After the successful completion of our first prototype, we are now proudly announcing the pre-sale for the construction drawings for Tetra Pod. One important and main pillar of Stilt Studios is bringing unique designs with a strong focus on reducing environmental impacts to everyone in the world interested.

The contemporary design of the sloping roof channels rainwater through the designed structural system which is then stored for further use like watering the surrounding garden.

Through openings that are closely put under the canopy, the building seeks to empower passive cooling. In only 64m2 you will find a comfortable bedroom, ensuite bathroom, open kitchen, and living room as well as some outdoor terraces. Nine point foundations lift the Tetra Pod 40cm above the ground, offering a perfect sitting height on the porch.

The large facade panels can be opened to provide a cross-ventilation, making the space completely open. Layers of curtains make the house more private. It also introduces a customized furniture system for a cozy dining and living space.

The prototype of the Tetra Pod is part of the second development by Stilt Studios in Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia, a property development that challenges the perspective of the guests as well as one of the creators on multiple levels. How much space do we actually need to still feel comfortable? How does it feel to live between the trees and being closer to nature again? Let’s try to leave behind status and habits..

Tetra Pod is available for Pre-order

As this is an ongoing development as well as continuous learning on our side involved we will sell a limited amount of drawing sets for a first trial period to a special price of 5,000 USD/set. These drawings contain all required materials with sizes and finishing, structural and MEP details, interior drawings and a detailed step by step explanation of how to build the Tetra Pod. 

Pre-order the plan now!

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