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Canggu Treetop Village

Inspired by historic ‘centerpieces’ of traditional Javanese ‘joglo’ structures, Studio One was created with the values of comfort, convenience, nature, and space. Taking a minimalist approach, our hanging centerpieces offer a 3D experience of traveling in a reductive and pure way. 

To settle down with a piece of art – whether it’s from nature or something that you own or want to own – can help you escape mentally from the banality of life and to enjoy life in its most basic form, even if it’s just for a moment.

We attempt to layer the multiple relationships between art and architecture by making each sculpture different. The compact and scalable spaces celebrate the raw virtues and beauty of nature and the essence of contemporary life.

With sustainable elements including large overhangs designed to minimize solar heat gain, rainwater harvesting, laminated timber beams, and energy-generating solar panels. It is also envisaged that food could be grown underneath the studios or at a minimum you are surrounded by grass and garden underneath.

Each studio at Treetop in Canggu was named after trees found on the island of Bali: Pinanga coronata (Ivory cane palm, native to Indonesia), Cocos nucifera (Coconut tree), Plumeria rubra (Frangipani), Ficus benghalensis (Banyan) and Tectona grandis (Teak Tree).

The Treetop Village in Canggu was created as an experiment, with five of the studios for residential purposes, each with one bedroom and bathroom. There is a common area and pool with sundeck. The sixth studio will be utilized for commercial purposes as a spa.

Cocos nucifera [Coconut tree]

The coconut tree is a kind of palm tree with a single straight trunk and no branches. Every part has a use, including the fruit, wood, and leaves.

Our Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Tree) Studio is a Multi-level structure with 10×10 roofing, Bathroom (first level), Dining Area (second level), a bedroom (third level), a Pantry, and Lounge.

Cocos nucifera [Coconut tree]
Ficus benghalensis [Banyan]

Ficus benghalensis [Banyan Tree]

In the Balinese culture, the Banyan Tree is considered a heavenly tree because it is said to be the place where the gods and spirits of deceased ancestors love hanging out.

Our Ficus Benghalensus (Banyan Tree) Studio is a single-level structure with a Balcony, Mezzanine, Pantry, Lounge, Bathroom, and Working Space.

Pinanga coronata [Ivory cane palm]

Pinanga coronata [Ivory cane palm] is a single-level studio with 8×8 roofing (prototype). The spacious studio has a Mezzanine (bedroom) and bathroom, Pantry for storage, Lounge and working space.

Pinanga coronata [Ivory cane palm
Plumeria rubra [Frangipani]

Plumeria rubra [Frangipani Tree]

Our Plumeria Rubra (Frangipani Tree) Studio is a single level structure with 10×10 roofing, Mezzanine (bedroom) and bathroom, Pantry for storage, Lounge and working space.

Tectona grandis [Teak Tree]

This multi-level studio has 8×8 roofing, a bathroom on the first level, a dining area on the second level, a pantry and lounge, and a bedroom on the third level.

Tectona grandis [Teak Tree]

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