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We design, build and operate upscale prefab structures that blend in seamlessly with nature. By blurring the boundaries of modern art, architecture and product design, we create breathtaking experiences for travelers and developers while treading lightly on the Earth.

our story

Stilt Studios was born when the company’s two co-founders- Florian Holm, a seasoned start-up entrepreneur, and Alexis Dornier, an internationally-renowned architect – first met in 2018. Florian had hired Alexis to design and build his new home in Canggu. The two mused over the fact that architecture is almost always a one-off product. “Wouldn’t it be interesting if we could make high-end architecture scalable by making it more affordable for people?” they wondered. After all, not everyone can afford a custom-designed villa by a star architect.

In this way, the idea of prefabricated (“prefab”) structures came to mind. Pre-fab homes ensure that financial cost, time, manpower and other resources are effectively used without accumulating waste. However, some people associate them with being cheap or uninspiring. Stilt Studios seeks to change that notion by ensuring the highest standard of architectural design, on par with the multimillion-dollar properties that Alexis develops, as well as following the most rigorous standards of production and using top-quality materials.

Currently, structural variations are being developed on our properties in Canggu, Ubud and Uluwatu where potential future Stilt Studio owners can “test drive” them by booking a short-term stay. Our companies are based in Singapore and Bali.


Florian Holm

Stilt Studios’ operational team is led by Florian Holm, an economist by training.

About Florian Holm

Florian Holm is the co-founder and CEO of Stilt Studios. Flo is a seasoned entrepreneur and CEO with extensive experience in operating in South-East Asia and particularly Indonesia.

Prior to co-founding Stilt Studios, Florian Holm was the co CEO of Lazada Indonesia from 2016 – 2018 and the CMO of Lazada Philippines. Prior to that, he worked at Lazada Thailand heading the Marketplace team.

Flo started his career in consulting with the Boston Consulting Group and gained additional experience in the non-profit sector with Endeavor Argentina and as an intern at the GIZ Health Program in Kenya.  

Florian Holm earned his Master in Economics from Heidelberg University. Today he is also a startup mentor, Angel Investor, and an e-commerce advisor.

Alexis Dornier

Stilt Studios’ design team is led by Alexis Dornier, a German architectural designer who has completed a number of projects in Bali and around the world.

About Alexis Dornier

Alexis Dornier is a German-born and Bali-based architectural designer who co-founded Stilt Studios.

Dornier studied architecture at the Berlin University of the Arts, then he relocated to New York City to work for Asymptote Architecture, OMA-NY and Rex between 2004-2007.

In 2013, Dornier relocated to Ubud in Bali where he began consulting on locally designed and built architectural projects.

Today, Alexis Dornier is the co-Founder and Creative Director of Stilt Studios and he works both locally and internationally on a mixture of residential and commercial projects.

our philosophy

In addition to keeping costs low, there is a practical reason for making prefab structures, particularly here in Indonesia- an archipelago of more than 17,000 islands. Prefab structures can be set up in a short time frame, and can be easily erected and dismantled. Stilt Studios can be built on awkwardly-shaped sites or plots with difficult terrain. In order to bring development into remote areas to boost the local economy, we need knock-down structures that can be fabricated offsite and then built quickly without complex skillsets required. 

To this end, Stilt Studios can play an influential role in developing sustainable tourism. Stilt Studios was conceived as an innovative solution to the current situation in Bali, where buildings are often constructed and then demolished shortly thereafter, because sites are often leased out only for short time periods. The situation calls for us to tread lightly on the Earth through prefab prop-tech structures that can be dismantled and then erected elsewhere. By embedding our Stilt Studios into natural landscapes, we can evoke a sense of impermanence and allow for other experimental structures to fill in the blanks in the future, allowing for maximum agility in a rapidly-changing business environment and property market.

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Many developments in Bali use high quantities of concrete, which destroys the natural environment. We wanted to challenge the status quo and create an architectural product that leaves behind a minimal footprint. Following the principles of a circular economy, prefab homes reuse and recycle products and materials for as long as possible, eliminating potential waste pollution and ensuring that all environments are restored to their initial state. 

Sustainable features of our structures include large roof overhangs to reduce solar-heat gain, rainwater harvesting, cross-ventilation, and energy-generating solar panels. It is also envisaged that food could be grown underneath our elevated structures.

At the moment, Stilt Studios currently uses a steel framework for increased durability, but we have long-term ambitions to become increasingly environmentally-friendly when it comes to our building materials and design. For example, we are now researching how to replace our steel components with engineered wood, or cross-laminated timber (CLT). CLT refers to layers of solid-sawn lumber glued together, forming wooden panels which are predominantly used for columns, beams and truss elements. We are already working on building and testing our first wooden models in Ubud.

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