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Treehouse A - Single-Level with Balconies

  • Single-level structure with a mezzanine (bedroom), bathroom, kitchenette and lounge
  • Features up to two balconies
  • Surface area: 36 m2 
  • Roof dimensions: 8 x 8 meters, 10 x 10 meters
  • Building materials: Ironwood, steel, tin, teak wood, etc.

Treehouse A+ - Extended Single-Level With Balcony

  • Extended single-level structure complete with full-functioning kitchen, bedroom, living area and bathroom
  • Features a spacious outdoor balcony
  • Surface area: 70 m2, including 16 m2 balcony
  • Roof dimensions: 10 x 10 meters
  • Building materials: Ironwood, steel, tin, teak wood, etc.

Treehouse B - Multi-level With Open Facade

  • Multi-level structure (3): Bathroom (first level), dining area (second level), bedroom and living area (uppermost level)
  • Open facade concept with enclosed bedroom
  • Surface area: 38 m2
  • Roof dimensions:  8 x 8 meters, 10 x 10 meters
  • Building materials: Ironwood, steel, tin, teak wood, etc.

Tiny Tetra House

  • Elevated 40 cm off the ground, complete with bedroom, bathroom, open kitchen and outdoor terrace
  • Surface area: 64m2
  • Roof designed to utilize rain water catchment
  • Building materials: Recycled Tetra Pak flat and corrugated sheets, iron, and wood

Stilt Studios Project Investment

Aside from purchasing our models for your own property, we also provide an investment option for you to be a part of our projects. Our Uluwatu site, with a vast 3.5 hectares land, is currently available for investments. If you are looking to own a unit managed by Stilt Studios on our Uluwatu development, this is the way to go. Please fill out the form and we will get in touch with you.

Our Products

We specialize in the design and construction of prefab structures for all your residential, tourism and commercial needs. Whether you dream of having a serene home office perched on stilts in your backyard, or creating an additional revenue stream by setting up a boutique hotel on your land, our product is versatile, functional, cost-effective and easy to erect and dismantle, allowing for maximum agility in a fast-paced property market. Our 2020 Product Catalog is available below, or click here to download the PDF version.

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Our Services

Customers can also design their own structures by playing with permutations on the roof overhang and balcony, as well as other minor add-ons in the likes of facade, coverings, etc. Not to mention material picks – so customers can customize the final look of their units however desired.

Our one limitation is the size of the structure, as we seek to honor our philosophy of treading lightly on the Earth with minimal impact. In this regard, like the “tiny house movement”, we advocate living more simply in smaller spaces. For this reason, the dimensions of our prefab dwellings are capped between 36 m2 (6 x 6 meters) and 64 m2 (8 x 8 meters).

The average construction timeline for one Stilt Studio is three months, however this may vary. We are delighted that we have already received building requests from more than 100+ countries worldwide, including from Europe, USA, Latin America, Australia and Asia. Although at the moment we are unable to ship our prefab structures internationally, if you have access to a good local builder, you can contact us to inquire about purchasing the plans. We also provide property services. Click here to know more.

We are proudly 100% Indonesian-made. This is an Indonesian product using 100% locally-sourced materials, with the vision and support of local staff.

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