Resort and short-term tourism rental development

We are working with developers or investors aiming to use Stilt Studio homes for short-term tourism rental.
We offer end-to-end solutions turnkey solutions from the design of the development site.
This includes amenities, pool and common area buildings to construction oversight and furnishing for a turnkey solution.

Enhancing small plots of land

Stilt Studios homes take extremely little ground space for the foundation (usually 2x2 meters) and including the rooftop have a span of as little as 8x8 meters.
The studios can be set up at plots as small as 1 are, making them ideal to complement an existing property or a small free piece of land, especially in attractive tourism areas.
Stilt-Studios offers for such use cases a program to help finance the building. Aside from selling outright, we are open to profit share agreements with landowners and possibly can operate and manage the buildings ourselves, subject to the location.


Stilt Studios offer the advantage of a quick setup and the possibility to remove the structures again in case of a shorter-term lease agreement.
That makes them ideal for cases of short lease agreements left on land or for landowners holding land speculating on a land value increase, but wanting to have it productive presales.
Once the lease ends or the land is being sold, the Stilt Studios homes can be removed again.

Commercial Use

The combination of small required land usage, off-the-ground structures giving a great vista in potentially crowded and busy areas.
The ability for fast set up and take the structures down again and a unique design make the Stilt Studios structures a great fit for commercial buildings as well.
A use case in the application right now is a Spa facility run by Cloud Spa and located in Canggu, Bali.

STudio setup

We are happy to assist in investment and legal questions to navigate the Indonesian real estate and property particularities.
This includes questions regarding local tax and company setups. In those questions, we are supported by ANC Attorneys at Law.
Contact Stilt Studios for more information.